How to prepare for your corporate photo session.

A great portrait is a collaboration between photographer and subject. With these simple ideas in mind, you will get the best of your portrait session.

How will you use these images? (print, online, social media, email, etc)
Do you have a style already, or are you looking to redefine your image?
What locations or background will suit your company or purpose?
(plain black or white, your office, on-site, something contemporary, etc)

Looking your best

A good guide can be to prepare as though you will be representing the company to a group of potential clients. If you're unsure, simple and darker colours can work quite well. Avoid overly detailed patterns (they rarely show up like you hope).
Bring your shirt freshly ironed, and put it on just before the session (not wear it all day).
Dare I say it, make sure nails are trimmed and clean, and facial hair groomed - we recognise that unshaven can be a look too ;)
Simple hairstyles and natural make-up work great.
Try not to get your hair cut 48 hours before the session (aim for 2 weeks prior if necessary).
Note that you whole outfit (head to tow) may be visible in some shots.
Stripes, big stripes are distracting and fine stripes don’t always come out right. 
Primary colors in block form (that bright red shirt), usually aren't great, darker colors are often quite slimming though.


Hair and Make-up

From the full hair-and-face treatment to a last minute check of staff as they go in - we can arrange excellent stylists and make-up artists to suit your needs. In our experience, having make-up done professionally gives a real boost to confidence as well as look, and is well worth it. For this reason, our Press Kit package includes styling at no extra cost. See our pricing here.


From subtle cosmetic 'touch ups' to adding missing staff to a group photo, we can certainly accommodate your needs.

how to prepare corporate photo


Timing - Depending on what we've agreed upon, the below is a good guide. It is a good idea to have a schedule available for staff on the day so we're not trying to find people who are hiding at a coffee shop, or in meetings, and so on.

  • Setup for the portable studio - 30 mins
  • Hair & Make-up (if desired) - 10 mins per person, more for full face and hair
  • Portraits  - 5-10 mins per person
  • Small Groups (less than 10) - 10 mins
  • Large Groups (more than 10) - 15 mins
  • Pack Up - 30 mins


  • Empty meeting or board rooms are ideal for head and shoulder portraits (assuming they are about 5x3 meters or larger). Group shots need more space, and can work well in a break out area, on a balcony or even outside. If needed, we'll get creative. 
  • Social media images often look best if they appear more natural, so we may head out of the office. You would be surprised how many great locations are usually a couple of minutes walk away.
  • We would normally meet with you before the session to discuss locations if you're booking us for a whole team.

We offer a full range of portrait services, from location to studio, corporate to modelling and even families. See more about our portrait packages or go straight to corporate portraits!

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