How to prepare for a modelling shoot.

A great portrait is a collaboration between photographer and subject. With these simple ideas in mind, you will get the best of your shoot.

Model Kit:

  • Wardrobe & shoes

  • Accessories and props (sunglasses, hats, neckties, jewellery, beach ball, etc.)

  • Undergarments appropriate for each outfit (skin-tone, black, and white)

  • Towel (bring two if you'll be getting wet at all)

  • Robe (to wear between wardrobe changes)

  • Complete makeup kit (foundation, powder, concealer, blush, lipsticks/gloss, mascara, eyeshadows, eyeliner, etc.)

  • Tweezers

  • Mirror

  • Lint brush

  • Small sewing kit with scissors

  • Toothbrush & toothpaste

  • Aspirin (or your headache remedy of choice)

  • Hair brush, comb and styling products (spray, gel, hair ties, headbands, bobby pins, etc)

  • Tampons

  • Small first-aid kit

  • Shaving kit & lotion (for touch-ups if necessary)

  • Sunscreen (especially for beach locations)

  • Insect repellent

  • Tissues, cotton balls & cotton buds

  • Water, light snack (for longer shoots)

  • Pen, note taking device, phone & diary

Hair and Make-up

From the full hair-and-face treatment to a quick touch up - we can arrange excellent stylists and make-up artists to suit your needs. In our experience, having make-up done professionally gives a real boost to confidence as well as look. That said, simple hairstyles and natural make-up can work wonderfully too.


Depending if we've agreed upon something with you, the below is a good guide.

  • Start of the day chat - 10 mins

  • Hair & Make-up (if desired) - Allow 30-60 mins per person, but this is quite variable.

  • Sessions can go for different lengths of time depending on your desires. We usually aim for about 1-2 hours together.

  • Clean Up - 20 mins

Stress less!

It is our aim that this will not be a stressful process for you, so ask any questions, call / email / whatever it takes! If stress must be, then keep it to before the session, choosing wardrobe, locations, themes, but once we get started just have fun! 

Consider also, do you have a style you like? Have you got a Pinterest board you can share with us? What locations or background will suit your look? (Plain black or white, natural, urban, etc.)

If you plan to use fake tan or get a new hair style, these are best attended to or tested 2-3 weeks before the shoot.

in the week leading up to the shoot consider:

  • Practicing facial expressions and poses in the mirror

  • Reviewing the model release you'll be asked to sign

  • Waxing 1 week out to avoid redness

  • The wardrobe, remember to keep focus on you not your clothes (unless that is the express purpose of the shoot)

  • A mani/pedicure, or do it yourself attending to even lengths, cuticles, and plain nail polish is usually best

The day before:

  • Remove watches and jewellery that may leave marks on your skin

  • Pack your model kit

  • Eat healthy, drink lots of water, you will feel better the next day

  • Get a good night's rest

On the day:

  • Don't put your hair in pony tail as it will crease, leave it down or style loosely (like a bun)

  • Wear comfy and baggy clothes to the shoot so not to leave lines or marks on your skin

  • Avoid a big meal, but do eat smaller meals and snack if needed



Anything can work, and Melbourne is an amazing city - so consider your style and all the options. If you need ideas, we can suggest some locations. It may be that your home is ideal, or we could head out to a natural or urban area. Natural areas are open fieldstree lined landscapesenchanted rose gardens and so on. These work nicely just before sunset. Urban can be funky alleywayshistorical buildingsgraffiti lined walls, and these can work almost any time of day.

Want to book something in, or have you got a question?