Mother's Group Magazine

Recently I was asked to contribute some tips and tricks regarding baby and child photography for "Mother's Group Magazine”. I have listed the tips below for those who are interested, and a couple of the images I shared for the readers.

Capturing that moment is priceless, it could be their first step, or a cheeky grin. With fairly high quality cameras being included in almost every phone this has become so much easier. That said, I know my own phone’s camera roll is full of shots that are ok, but I would not print and frame them.

So what makes the difference between happy snaps and memories you can mount on the wall?

The equipment plays a role, but if you add these thoughts to your iPhone technique, you just might surprise yourself!

  1. Set it up; be intentional about what is in or out of the photo. Their toys help them to come alive and be engaged, your empty mug on the bench, not so much… Google to get some ideas if you’re stuck.
  2. Light; natural light is king in photography! A flash is a last resort, it is distracting and (if shot direct) flattens the image.
  3. Perspective; get down where the action is and shoot from their eye level. It will show them in their world and bring the shot to life.
  4. The eyes; are the window to the soul, and theirs are beautiful!
  5. Fun; by far the most important and parents have a secret weapon here, your kids love playing with you and will be natural. Show them the photos you take and they’ll even start posing. Be patient and the shots will happen.

Have fun guys!

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