Natural & relaxed portrait for Life Coach, Joel Furlong

This was a whirlwind photo shoot! I had been working with Joel on some unrelated projects, and having just come from another photo shoot we agreed that we should take the opportunity for a shot of him too!

This goes to show how quickly and easily this can be pulled together, it took us no more than 15 minutes to take these photos! I think we've really captured a full range of Joel's expressions and given him choice in how he presents himself online!

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Professional portrait for financial planner, Suren Aponso

Suren is a financial planner in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. As his business grows he is finding the need for printed material to share when he's speaking, and is building a fresh new website. Like many business owners, Suren also relies on social media, like LinkedIn, for connections and relationship opportunities. For these purposes he decided that he wanted to be portrayed professionally, but also approachably - which represents his attitude to work nicely.

We came out to Suren's office and setup a portable studio to deliver the plain background images, then hit the streets just outside to find some more contemporary looks.

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Studio Portrait Session with Romahni

Two weekends back we did a studio session with Romahni at L1 Studios in Melbourne. This was all facilitated by Tony Menz and Michael's Cameras - big thanks to those guys.

The shoot went really well, combining low key, high key and a whole range of lighting styles. Romahni came to us through Model Mayhem and was amazing to work with, I highly recommend her!

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Beautiful Mornington Wedding

Over the long weekend in January, Richard and Bron tied the knot in a most interesting wedding on the Mornington Peninsula. It was quite different to have a gorgeous home ceremony at Richard's parents' house, followed by the reception at their church!

The wedding chariots (mini buses from Thrifty Hire) worked exceptionally well given the large bridal party of 19 people in total. Have a look at some of the pictures from the day:

On this 40 something degree day, Beleura Estate really worked well. Open spaces for the big bridal party, plenty of shade and cute little nooks to escape to.

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Staff Portraits for the beautiful RSC

Ernest Photography went to the office of RSC to undertake the staff portrait shoot. The weather was lovely for some outside shots, and we transformed their boardroom into a portable studio!

See what you think:

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Photobooth for Stairway Youth Formal

A couple of weeks back the photobooth went to Stairway Youth's end of year formal. It was a great night, with many fine outfit being captured in film printed on the night and uploaded to Facebook too! 

It looks like the props got a good work out, especially the microphone saw more use than it ever has. Check out the pics on Facebook!

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